Before I started Joy Days a good friend of mine told me about sponsoring a birthday box for a 16 year old girl! Right then I had to learn more...


Our Mission

Our mission for Joy Days is to make sure that every child is celebrated! We want to bring joy into the lives of children who have been affected by the child welfare system. One way we have been able to capture that joy is by providing birthday boxes! The boxes are basically a party in a box with a gift! They are able to celebrate with their foster families and sometimes with their biological family as well. Joy Days does not want to stop at just birthday boxes. We want to celebrate graduations, adoptions, college acceptances and the list will continue to grow! We also want to celebrate the parents achieving reunification with their children because that is a very special moment. 

As we celebrate these certain moments through Joy Days we can continue to encourage the community to support children and families in foster care and help each other recognize their uniqueness and value. 

There is no better gift to give a child than a family.
— Anonymous

Joy Days is working toward...

Becoming a 501(c)3

Branching out to surrounding counties

Getting the community involved 

Finding more foster families