Joy Days is only possible because of the incredibly caring and generous people in the community in which we live. We love that almost ll of our donations are gifts that our donors are able to piece together for specific children needing a celebration. It is, however, necessary that we receive monetary donations to make Joy Days possible!

We have no office, no paid employees, and very little overhead meaning that 100% of your monetary donations are going directly to the ‘behind the scenes’ work necessary to make celebrations possible.

We get as much help as we can - for example we have been delighted to have a pro-bono attorney helping us get established as a non-profit, have a pro-bono graphic designer and get in-kind donations when we can for things such as a wireless printer and laminating machine! Monetary donations help us with costs such as maintaining a Post Office box, ink cartridges for 'we celebrate you' laminated sheets. The more monetary donations we receive the more quickly we will be able to broaden the array of projects we take on and ultimately the louder we can scream from the mountaintops 'because every child deserves to be celebrated!!' No donation is too small for Joy Days and we are forever grateful for those who have given to us from the very beginning!

Are you interested in donating a specific item for our birthday boxes? Or do you own a bakery or party business and interested in helping make birthdays for kids in foster care ever better?